What Makes a Great Insurance Agent?

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What Makes a Great Insurance Agent?

When you are shopping for any type of insurance, you are going to want the help and advice of someone who understands the insurance business and who is truly interested in helping you protect yourself rather than making the most money. Unfortunately some insurance agents are in the business for their own benefit and will not tell you when you are paying too much or are buying insurance that you simply don't need. I am a former insurance agent, and I have seen the best and worst. This blog is about noticing red flags when it comes to sneaky insurance sales people and about finding the signs of a truly good agent.


3 Lifestyle Changes That Could Impact How Much You Pay For Auto Insurance

When thinking of ways that you can reduce your monthly car insurance rates, you likely have already thought of things like raising your deductible, downloading a discount app, or bundling your home and auto insurance policies. After all, it is hard to even turn on a radio station these days without hearing an advertisement encouraging you to bundle and save or lower your rates by installing the latest version of a safer driver app on your phone. However, while these may be valid tips for lowering your auto insurance bills, they certainly are not the only ways in which you can accomplish this goal. In fact, there are three simple lifestyle changes that could impact just how much you pay for car insurance.

Get Moving

You may not realize it, but where you live actually has an impact on how much you pay for different types of auto insurance coverage. This is because different areas represent different levels of risk for the insurance company. For example, if you live in an area that has high rates of car theft, you are going to pay more for comprehensive auto insurance coverage, even if you have never personally filed a claim against your auto insurance policy. This is because the chances that you will eventually need to file a claim are higher than they would be if you lived in an area with lower crime rates. Consequently, moving to a safer area can actually result in lower auto insurance premiums each month. However, it is important to remember that the opposite is also true. If you move to an area with higher crime rates you can expect to see an increase the next time your policy renews. 

Drive Less

The less you drive, the lower your chances of being involved in an accident will be. That is precisely why insurance companies ask questions about what the primary use of your vehicle is and how many miles you drive to and from work each day before they will provide you with a quote for a new policy. Reducing the amount of time you spend on the road can result in lower insurance bills each month. Some easy ways to accomplish this may be to carpool with a co-worker or ask your employer about the possibility of working from home one or two days a week. Just remember to report the change in your driving habits to your insurance company in order to get the discount you deserve.

Tone Down The Flash

If you are a person who likes to drive brightly colored cars or who prefers big flashy aftermarket wheels, there is a good chance that you are paying more for your car insurance in order to enjoy your flashy lifestyle. This is because flashy vehicles are more likely to catch the attention of law enforcement and can also prove to be a distraction to other drivers on the road. These facts ultimately raise the risk that you will receive traffic violations or get into an accident with a distracted driver. Choosing to take the flashiness down a step or two can help you to start keeping more of your money in your pocket each month when the time to pay auto insurance rolls around. 

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