What Makes a Great Insurance Agent?

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What Makes a Great Insurance Agent?

When you are shopping for any type of insurance, you are going to want the help and advice of someone who understands the insurance business and who is truly interested in helping you protect yourself rather than making the most money. Unfortunately some insurance agents are in the business for their own benefit and will not tell you when you are paying too much or are buying insurance that you simply don't need. I am a former insurance agent, and I have seen the best and worst. This blog is about noticing red flags when it comes to sneaky insurance sales people and about finding the signs of a truly good agent.


Easy Tricks To Reduce Your Auto Insurance Policy Rates

While most people enjoy the convenience of owning a car, they consider auto insurance an unnecessary expense. However, investing in a good auto insurance policy is one of the best decisions you can make after acquiring your dream car. This plan will offer financial protection after an accident and ensure you keep the vehicle for longer. Contrary to what most people believe, insurance policies don't necessarily have to be costly. Factors like the car's age, make, model, engine capacity, driving history, location and modifications may affect the premium, but there are ways to minimize the rates. Read More 

Do You Need To Pay For Business Insurance Before Opening A Liquor Store?

The logistics that go into opening a small business are incredibly capital intensive. From paying for the lease of your new brick-and-mortar space to recruiting staff and even purchasing stock, you probably cannot wait to start making sales so that you can recoup some of the capital that you have invested. Therefore, when it comes to paying for yet another expense, you understandably could be unwilling to spend more money. Read More 

Using Your Smart Phone To Score Cheap Car Insurance

Did you know that it is often possible to use your smart phone to help you score cheap car insurance? If not, you may be surprised to learn that getting much lower rates on your car insurance truly can be as simple as downloading a single app. This is because rather than counting on generic data to assess risk when determining your insurance rates, insurance companies are now offering individuals the ability to download a special app that collects personalized data regarding their driving habits. Read More 

3 Lifestyle Changes That Could Impact How Much You Pay For Auto Insurance

When thinking of ways that you can reduce your monthly car insurance rates, you likely have already thought of things like raising your deductible, downloading a discount app, or bundling your home and auto insurance policies. After all, it is hard to even turn on a radio station these days without hearing an advertisement encouraging you to bundle and save or lower your rates by installing the latest version of a safer driver app on your phone. Read More 

Mistakes To Avoid When Buying Car Insurance

Buying personal auto insurance is a big decision that requires a plan. It's no secret that money plays a pivotal role when choosing car coverage. However, there are other factors to consider to get sufficient insurance. You might want to do research first before you settle for an insurer. Here are the top pitfalls to avoid when purchasing auto insurance. Falsifying Your Documents When you lie in your paperwork, you put yourself at a much greater risk. Read More