What Makes a Great Insurance Agent?

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What Makes a Great Insurance Agent?

When you are shopping for any type of insurance, you are going to want the help and advice of someone who understands the insurance business and who is truly interested in helping you protect yourself rather than making the most money. Unfortunately some insurance agents are in the business for their own benefit and will not tell you when you are paying too much or are buying insurance that you simply don't need. I am a former insurance agent, and I have seen the best and worst. This blog is about noticing red flags when it comes to sneaky insurance sales people and about finding the signs of a truly good agent.


Preparation Tips For Households Living In A Flood Plain

If your new home is located in a floodplain or if it is located near a body of water that puts it at a high risk for seasonal flooding, then the following tips will help you prepare for an onslaught of water before it ever arrives: 

Tip: Check the FEMA Flood Map to Determine Exactly How at Risk Your Property is of Future Flooding

If you have not already done so, the first thing you should do to assess your property's flood risk is to put your address into the FEMA Flood Map Service's website online. The map service will show you exactly how much risk your property is at for flooding. Once you know your future flood susceptibility, then you can take the proper actions to help mitigate it.

Tip: Ensure All of the Components of Your Home's Major Systems are Elevated

Since your home has a potential to flood, you must ensure all of its major system components are well above ground level. For example, the furnace, heat pump, air conditioner, water heater, and electrical panels should all be well above the historical flood level for the area. By moving all of these things to higher ground before a flood event, you will ensure they aren't damaged if excessive amounts of water put them at risk.

Tip: Prepare an Evacuation Plan for Your Family and Pets

Since your family may need to evacuate during a large storm, it is important you develop a plan that includes where you will go and what things you will take with you in the event it is necessary to evacuate. Often, families living in a floodplain will keep all of their important papers and family photos in a large plastic tub that can be easily grabbed and put into a vehicle if they need to quickly evacuate.

If your family has pets or livestock, they will also need to be evacuated so you need a plan of where you will take them and what items they will need while evacuated.  

Tip: Ensure You are Properly Insured for Flooding

Since your new home is located in an area where a future flood is a very real possibility, you should prepare for an onslaught of water by buying a robust flood insurance policy. While no one ever wants their property to flood, knowing your damages will be covered will greatly lower your stress when a storm arrives. Visit an insurance agency, such as Livings Insurance, for more information.